The internet is a dangerous place. And, bringing it into your business can do more harm than good if you aren’t careful.

We are certified with several years of experience in IT and Cybersecurity. We can help you plan an expansion securely, assess your current security, and even close holes in your current security.


Generally speaking there are two types of assessments: vulnerability assessments, and penetration tests.

Vulnerability Assessments

We use industry standard tools and methods to assess the security of your system, network, or application and provide you with a detailed report and recommendations to remediate any vulnerabilities found.

Penetration Testing

Expanding beyond vulnerability assessments, a ‘pen test’ will attempt to actually exploit the vulnerabilities discovered in order to fully understand the associated risks.

For example, a vulnerability assessment may find that a website is vulnerable to a particular attack. A pen test will exploit that vulnerability and attempt to steal information to help you understand what an attacker can actually steal, or how they would accomplish the theft. In this way, you can get a feel for what your security posture really is.

Security Cameras

Cyerspace aside, people still steal stuff in the real world. Security cameras can be a preventive measure, but in the event of a theft, they can also be used to potentially identify the thief, and understand how the theft occurred.

We offer consulting on which cameras systems to purchase, and camera placement. We also offer installation.