We lead digital lives. Most of our records and memories are stored on a device or server somewhere.

These same devices and servers also keep track of the digital breadcrumbs we leave behind.

Because it is digital information, it is often possible to recover what has been lost or reconstruct events.

Data Recovery

Hard drives fail, and files get accidentally deleted. But, oftentimes data can still be recovered.

Have you lost a file? Do you have a hard drive that has failed or is failing? Contact us to learn more about our data recovery services.


Because our devices record our every move when using them, a timeline of events can be built, or downloaded files can be traced.

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Device Wipe

Technology is constantly improving, and old devices are turned in to refurbish or recycle, or just end up lying around.

Sensitive information can still be recovered from these devices even if deleted or factory reset.

Got a device you want to turn in or get rid of? Ask us about how we can protect your sensitive information.